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Cumfy Hogtie

Pipedream’s Cumfy Hogtie set should be nicknamed “Hogties for Dummies!” Super simple to use, this well-made set of four fake fur-lined leather cuffs come complete with an already set-up four-way hogtie. Simply wrap the restraints on wrists and ankles and have your subbie get into their belly on the floor position, bend at the knees with ankles on their butt, bend at their elbows with their wrists behind their backs, attach the X-shaped hogtie restraint to the cuffs with the sturdy attached metal clips and voila! A perfectly hogtied bottom who’ll be ready to go for you! They won’t be able to release themselves until they cry “Mercy!” This set is definitely made for those past the beginner’s stage of using bondage play and the lucky buyers will get plenty of use out of the Cumfy Hogtie set.

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Manufacturer Description:

Take total control over your lover's every move with this beginners-friendly Cumfy Hogtie. This easy-to-use hogtie kit includes super-strong wrist and ankle cuffs lined with soft faux fur for exceptional comfort, and a heavy-duty metal hardware to ensure your lover won't escape. Enjoy the thrill of being hogtied without having to worry about the complicated techniques and tying elaborate knots. The cuffs attach to the hogtie with spring-loaded metal clips and easily adjust with velcro to fit most sizes. Once your lover is on their stomach bound and tied, what happens next is up to you!

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