Golden Triangle

I was pleasantly surprised by my new little sexy toy buddy when I turned it on. First off it is super cute and fits great in my purse! You never know when you will need it. But it packs a good little punch of power. The silicone is super silky smooth. It would be great for a first timer or someone looking for something a little extra to play with. Size makes it great for foreplay and use during sex. There are seven delightful patterns that I can play with.

Manufacturer Description:

Angled G-spot .Whip out this 5" wonder, slip it in towards your G-spot, pick from 7 vibration patterns -- like pulsate, surge and roller coaster -- for mind-blowing orgasms, let it drive your clitoris wild too. Silicone feels silky smooth. When you're done, this discreet devil tucks away in purse or drawer...until next time. Easy grip . Waterproof Pop Spot Vibrator can go with you anywhere. This beautifully crafted pop spot pure silicone vibrator has a special, velvety soft head to enhance the feel. At 5” in size, 7 pulsating moods to ensure your pleasure. Fits comfortably in your purse, and in you. Waterproof.

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Lucy Vonne