Synergy Erotic
What a pleasant surprise this quasi-realistic basic vibrator is! 8 ½” long and a skinny dick size width of 1,” I looked at it and thought “Ho hum” until I tried it. The top of the silicone body is where the vibrator is (also making it an excellent external stimulator) and the top 3” of the toy is also surprisingly flexible. It bends nicely so it can reach inside with no effort yet remains firm enough to really get in there. The vibrations travel down the rest of the stiff shaft so it’s like getting two toys in one and the smooshy, eraser like texture feels very realistic, too. It will be a good product to bring home when a partner doesn’t want to get intimidated by the size of your toy.

Manufacturer Description:

A silky, thrillingly lifelike length of pure pleasure from Synergy Erotic, the Evolution offers its completely skin-safe silicone construction, completely submersible waterproof design, and perfectly manageable size to stimulation seekers of all varieties. Sleekly shaped and deliciously far-reaching, this vibe is practically bursting with potential for inner and outer sweet spot targeting- ten available modes of distinctly unique, deeply resonating vibration, escalation and pulsation allow for superb customization, no matter how the Evolution is being enjoyed.

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