Lip Fetish

Kama Sutra
Lip Fetish

Product Description:

Kama Sutra’s Lip Fetish gloss is unlike any ordinary flavored lip gloss. Our special kissing gloss creates a warm tingling sensation that’ll seduce your partner and spark intimacy. Our flavored lip gloss enhances your sex appeal as it naturally plumps your lips and makes you taste sweet and delicious. We offer three different flavors and colors, Sweet Strawberry with a ripe red hue, Cool Mint with a frosted pink tone, and Wild Raspberry with a deep berry stain. Use our Lip Fetish line to bring you and your lover indulgent pleasures while sharing a sensually thrilling moment together.

Awaken your sassy side and Stimulate your partner with kissable lips that will have both of you wanting more. Our luxurious lip lacquer delivers a smooth application. The secret is the silky soft and special Lip Fetish brush. Lip Fetish gloss has the perfect formula that can intensify a simple kiss. Tease, caress, and kiss as you please.

"This is a fun, sexy offering for customers who want to add a little something extra to their purchase. It's just naughty enough, and a great beauty buy for your inner bad girl." -Lindze

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