Master Series - Lektor Zipper Mouth Muzzle

XR Brands
Master Series - Lektor Zipper Mouth Muzzle

I am definitely a beginner when it comes to muzzles in that I had never tried one. Lektor by XR Brands is part of their Master Series collection. This vinyl mouth muzzle is made to fit almost anyone and had two nose holes for the wearer to be able to breathe from. It is made of a sexy black vinyl yet has a fully breathable soft neoprene inner lining, making it cooler for the wearer.

What I like about it is that it has a zipper at the mouth allowing the wearer to respond to commands and also allowing insertion. This was for me and definitely is a good start for those looking to begin BDSM play with muzzles as it gives a feeling of being confined without becoming too overwhelming for the wearer.

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Manufacturer Description:

Keep your plaything zipped up and under control with this half face zipper muzzle from the Master Series. With a sexy vinyl exterior and zipper mouth hole, you get to decide just how much talking your naughty one gets to do. Covering the lower half of the face, this devious muzzle has a neoprene lining and two breathable nose holes. The elastic bands secure the mask in place while remaining pliable. Once on, this mask will create a sense of confinement without being too overwhelming for the wearer.

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Antonia Hunt