Delay 100

Delay 100

Product Description:

SexVoltz, the widely recognized brand in male enhancement, introduces a new topical sexual supplement for men. Delay 100 features a lidocaine formula, which prevents premature ejaculation by acting as a desensitizing agent when applied to a man’s penis. Simply spray this odorless and tasteless fluid around the head and shaft of the penis to prolong the pleasure of sex for you and your partner. To begin using SexVoltz start with a small amount and apply on the penis as needed until you achieve your desired results. SexVoltz Delay 100 aids in building sexual stamina, and can be incorporated into sexual play even when you’ve mastered the art of lasting long in the bedroom. Made with aloe vera, SexVoltx Delay 100 is a natural moisturizer that also soothes sensitive skin.

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