Bubble Love and Dilly attachment

Bubble Love
Bubble Love and Dilly attachment
This is one of the most innovative sex toys I have seen this year, and I have to say, “Bath time will never be the same.” The Bubble Love is a personal pleasure jet unit that delivers tiny pulsating bubbles at a fast rate to stimulate your erogenous zones. It also relaxes you to help you achieve an orgasm faster and stronger than you could imagine. The Bubble Love is ergonomically designed to allow easy control for those areas you have trouble reaching. It works very well in a full tub of water and can be anchored for hands-free pleasure. I also used the Dilly attachment, which is an attachable dong for internal pleasure. The Dilly attaches to the Bubble Love securely with a stainless steel ball joint stem that will prevent rusting or breaking over multiple uses. If cared for properly, this will be your lifetime bath-time buddy.

Market Appeal

The packaging for both the Bubble Love and the Dilly is very informative and sturdy. The packaging is very well designed and will catch the eye for most female or male shoppers.

Manufacturer Description:

Bubble Love is a personal pleasure jet able to deliver millions of tiny pulsating bubbles to the “right spot” to stimulate, titillate, and push her over the top...repeatedly. This is more than just another bubble bath. Much more. Every woman who has used Bubble Love achieved orgasms and did it faster than with the typical vibrator.

Bubble Love is the first submersible, hand held bubble jet, ergonomically engineered product that is incredibly intuitive to use and allows women to control the intensity of the massage they want to receive. The Bubble Love can work in water depths from 6” to 36” inches. (Required deep-water float included.)

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