Naughty Couples Sexual First Aid Kit

Naughty Couples Sexual First Aid Kit

Product Description:

The Naughty Couples Sexual First Aid Kit contains what every couple needs to be prepared when intimate desire strikes. This 4-in-1 set features the best of BeaMonstar Products with “his and her” sex supplements to enhance the experience for both partners. Revamped with a new all-natural formula, the award-winning SexVoltz for men works fast to electrify stamina and fuel ejaculate for powerful orgasms. Men also can yield stronger orgasms by intensifying ejaculation with XploZion. BeaMonstar’s renowned formula creates roped orgasms that prolong the incomparable feeling of release. Sexual enhancement isn’t just for men anymore with the newly formulated Velextra for women. This powerful supplement boosts her libido and heightens desire for long-lasting stamina under the sheets. Both partners can benefit from Sweeten69, the all-natural supplement that transforms the taste of secretions from bitter and funky to naturally sweet and desirable for better oral sex. BeaMonstar also has included a “Road Map to Better Sex Positions,” a miniature pamphlet featuring illustrations to guide couples in trying out new positions.

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