Sinful Wrist Cuffs

NS Novelties
Sinful Wrist Cuffs
The cuffs are made of vinyl, leather and neoprene. Neoprene is one of our favorite cuff linings — it’s not cold like leather, it isn’t prissy like fur. It contours comfortably to the surface of the body, which is likely why it’s used to make wetsuits. The cuffs are held on with a buckle closure, which has a secure feel. The chain holding the cuffs together is robust and strong. They are likely only for use on the wrists, as the size would be a touch small for many ankles. Unless you have svelte ankles, in which case… good for you.

Manufacturer Description:

The NS Novelties Sinful Wrist Cuffs. Get kinky in pink with the Sinful line. These wrist cuffs are beautifully designed in faux leather laid over soft, high-grade neoprene for maximum comfort, yet solid restraint. Made of high quality, durable, and long lasting materials. Add a spark of excitement to your play time. Adjustable wrist restraints. Designed for extended wear. Made of vinyl, neoprene and nickel-free hardware.

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