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Water SLŸD
Water SLŸD personal glide by Our Family Jewels appears to be on the medium to high grade of lube world. It boasts that it’s packed with B, C and E vitamins. If you choose to use it as a skin-nourishing alternative to body lotion, then by all means. However in its designed purpose, it provided a smooth and non-sticky addition to our play. The lube assures the customer that it’s a non-messy, non-sticky, water-based, and nutrient loaded personal glide. We agree that it is not at all sticky, a pleasant surprise in this field. Being water based meant less hassle during clean up and a washcloth and water were ample enough to do the trick.

Market Appeal

The bottle looks unlike standard (tacky and cartoony) personal lubricants. It has metallic silver and blue writing that can easily be placed in common storage area.

Stated on the container, you are able to leave the product on your skin for the moisturizing effect but we opted to clean ourselves up, as we did get a little carried away. This brings us to another point; the push button dispensary will produce plenty of product in one pump. No need to treat it like a squirt-action riffle, unless that’s your thing.

Manufacturer Description:

WATER SLŸD™ is a non-silicone based personal lubricant that has the feel and qualities of a silicone base - without the short life span and sticky sensation associated with most water based lubricants. WATER SLŸD™ may also be used to prevent chaffing and nourish dry skin. WATER SLŸD™ is formulated with hyaluronic acid, vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin E - natural antioxidant ingredients that nourish and help protect skin. WATER SLŸD™ may be applied liberally but only a tiny amount is needed to experience an exceptionally smooth experience. WATER SLŸD™ easily washes off with water. Or, you may use WATER SLŸD™ as an intense moisture treatment. WATER SLŸD™ is latex condom safe, non-irritating, non-toxic and paraben free. WATER SLŸD™ is safe to you use with silicone and latex toys.

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