Jizmo Vibrating C-Ring

Jizmo Vibrating C-Ring
The JizmoVibe Cock Ring is stretchy and easy to put on, fits comfortably, has batteries included and a backup set of batteries just in case, and even throws in a sample pack of lube. One of the more generous of sex toy packaging we have seen. Though we don’t expect it will change the orgasms of the male population, it is certainly a product I would put in every good girl’s stocking! Especially the ladies who can’t climax from penetration alone, this c-ring will change their sex life.

Market Appeal

The JizmoVibe Vibrating C-Ring came in an exceptionally simple package. However, we felt that was suited just fine for a product that not only packed an attention grabbing, giggle-inducing name like “Jizmo” but that which was also a self-explanatory product. The box displays an over-simplified silhouette of an erect dude piston wearing the cock ring in the “for him” position, with the vibrating portion at the sac, and the “for her” position, with the vibrating portion on the top. The box also claims that with this product, “sex has never felt so good,” and at least for the lady, we would enthusiastically agree.

Manufacturer Description:

The Jizmo is a sex toy developed for a man and his partner, and has been designed to make a man's cock vibrate. It's vibrator provides plenty of pleasure, has replaceable batteries, and has plenty of vibration. Free sample of Wet Lube and extra batteries included with each purchase.

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