Okay, so women have boobs. We love them as much as men do. They’re fun. They come in all different sizes. They give us an excuse to buy pretty bras. They have skin on them that’s precious and sometimes, not too well moisturized. Boobiful breast cream will change that. Simply smear the thick, white cream all over your precious mamms once or twice a day, depending on your skin, and in a few days, the skin will be nice and smooth and creamy.

Basically a face cream but for the area 12 inches below (or lower depending on your age!) Boobiful is both a novelty item and a practical one, too. It also makes a damn good sliding cream for good ol’ fashioned tit fucking so you can get your guy off and condition your skin, too.

Manufacturer Description:

Get Fuller, Firmer Breasts Or Your Money Back

• Start Seeing Results in Days!
• No Risky Surgery or Dangerous Pills!
• Enjoy Newfound Confidence & Increased Self-Esteem!
• 100% Safe!

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