Precision Pump

Precision Pump
Science. Science is pretty much the greatest invention ever. Science allows you to significantly increase the amount of blood pumping into your man member. “How?” you may be asking yourself. With the Precision Pump from CalExotics that’s how. What an amazing feat of science that makes your boner way more bonerific by simply creating an extremely powerful vacuum around your Dickenson. The solid construction and one-handed pump operation makes pumping and growing all by yourself no problem at all. Plus if you ever need to give your roommate a really good cup sized hickey on their stomach while they are passed out on the couch it will do that as well.

Market Appeal

While there aren’t too many penis pump videos out in porno land stores there is a TON of boner pills and sexual enhancement herbals out there. So pair up the Precision Pump with your store’s highest selling sexual enhancements to both increase the sales of your herbalist pharmaceuticals and the Precision Pump.

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Manufacturer Description:

“Take serious pumping to a whole new level.” - American Pumper’s Association. High quality, heavy-duty pump with oversized flanged cylinder with universal incremental measurements. EZ-Squeeze trigger handle with push button release valve. Tapered Silicone secure fit donut. Flexible non-crimping air hose. SAN (cylinder) ABS (handle) ABS with Silver Plating (handle grip) Silicone (donut) POM (release valve) Phthalate-Free PVC (hose). 9” x 2.25”/22.75 cm x 5.75 cm (cylinder).

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