Velvet Plush Zuma Vibe

Icon Brands
Velvet Plush Zuma Vibe
This U-shape form has become very popular with sex toys these days, mainly for when you want to get G-Spot and clitoral stimulation. The shape hugs the vagina like it loves your lady parts.

Not only does it have seven functions but it also has two motors for maximum power. It’s nice that it is actually on the quieter side; many toys say they are but they really aren’t. You can also use this hands-free and sit and rock on it. That is fun because you can grind on it. Granted I would rather grind up on a penis, but if I didn’t have a penis this toy works just great.

Manufacturer Description:

The Velvet Plush Zuma Vibe from Icon Brands. The best thing to happen to vibrators in years...with a unique wavelike design that has women raving and craving worldwide! Dual motors hit your g-spot and c-spot perfectly everytime, with seven functions of quiet, powerful pleasure. U-shaped base makes handling a breeze. Two independent motors are so easy to control you can do it in the dark - and if you can't, just consult Suma's bright, LED panel. And best of all, it's in Velvet Plush Silicone for that almost liquid-like velvety feel unique to Icon. --- 1.0 Pound

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