Palm Ballers Travel-Sized Stroker

NS Novelties
Palm Ballers Travel-Sized Stroker
You can’t get the full experience of a full size stoker in a travel size can you? Oh yes, yes my friends, you can, with the Palm Ballers Travel sized stroker from NS Novelties. Yes you read that right travel size, now you won’t have to throw out your full-sized stroker right before the security checkpoint at the airport making for those oh so awkward looks from the dude checking your ticket an ID. This stoker is aptly named because it does in fact fit in the palm of your hand and after using it the feeling is so nice you might as well call yourself a baller.

Market Appeal

Travel is becoming more and more a part of our lives and we all want the little creature comforts that we have at home on the road with us. Gather up some of the other NS Novelties travel products and make your customers the perfect at-home experience but in a convenient TSA-approved travel size that no one can turn down.

Manufacturer Description:

Palm Ballers are designed to provide maximum pleasure in the palm of your hand. These compact masturbators are made of super soft TPE material that has proven durability. The core features an array of pleasure nodes for enhanced sensations. Phthalate free. Easy to clean. Give your mate a whole new experience. Palm Ballers are perfect for use during oral sex or for your travel needs. Dual sided opening allows for different sensations. Made of super soft, superior grade TPE rubber. Phthalate Free. Easy to play and easy to clean. May be used with any lubricant.

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