Stainless Steel Female Erotic Suit

Rapture Novelties
Stainless Steel Female Erotic Suit

Product Description:

An extremely unique piece of wearing apparel to enhance a females form. Just risky enough to be sensual and erotic without being inappropriate revealing. This is a multi-part suit that includes; a Collar, Wrist Cuffs, Ankle Shackles Bra, Chastity belt with Shield and thigh bands. All made of polished Stainless steel with soft rubber backing and edging on each piece. This rubber edging makes wearing the suit flexible and comfortable even though it is made of stainless steel. All of the pieces have adjustable fittings that can be changed to fit a variety of body sizes from small medium and large size body frames. Each piece is removable from the others and can be used separately for added wear and versatility. When used separately they can be combined with other wardrobe items for even more versatility. The suit comes with all the attachment chains and hardware to combine the pieces into one coordinated ensemble. This suit is truly a unique item that will turn heads and fix stares where ever it is worn

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