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Reuters Report: Visa Resumes Card Use for 'Professional Content' MindGeek Sites

According to a Reuters report, Visa announced today that it “has allowed usage of its cards on MindGeek’s platforms that host professionally generated content,” although it continues the suspension of card use on the company’s tube site Pornhub “until pending investigations are complete.”

New York Times Publishes Reuters Report Criticizing SBA's 'Prurient' Clause

The New York Times has published a report by Reuters journalists surveying the confusing, discriminatory language about “prurient” businesses embedded in the Small Business Administration (SBA)’s loan applications for COVID-19 relief.

Reuters Covers Vivid-Alt’s Rock Connection

While Eon McKai directs adult movies for Vivid Entertainment’s offshoot label, Vivid-Alt, his films’ soundtracks sometimes generate more buzz than the sex in his movies do. Reuters reporter Molly Brown covered the porn and rock connection in McKai’s movies in an article on Monday.