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Utah Sen. Mike Lee Questions First Amendment Protections for Sexual Content

Utah newspaper Deseret News has published an interview with U.S. Senator Mike Lee, in which he champions ongoing efforts to limit access to adult content online in the name of fighting “porn addiction.”

Republican Introduces Bill to Effectively Outlaw All Sex Work in the U.S. as 'Coercive'

The U.S. Congress’ top anti-porn crusader, Utah Senator Mike Lee, introduced a bill last week that would effectively outlaw all sex work in the nation, including adult performance and content creation, by classifying any consent influenced by a person’s economic circumstances as coercive.

Utah Senator Hijacks Taylor Swift AI Controversy to Push for Anti-Porn Policy

Anti-porn U.S. Senator Mike Lee has inserted himself into the controversy over recent nonconsensual AI content featuring pop singer Taylor Swift, by advocating for a new federal law that would mirror a current, extreme Utah law targeting consensual adult content.

Sen. Mike Lee Introduces Bill to Expand Utah's Anti-Porn AV Law Nationwide

Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) on Tuesday reintroduced his proposal for a federal age-verification law that would expand Utah’s anti-porn legislation, promoted by religious conservatives, to the entire United States.

Utah Republican Senator Mike Lee Introduces Bill to Outlaw All Porn Nationwide

Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) this week introduced the Interstate Obscenity Definition Act, a bill that nominally aims to “establish a national definition of obscenity” but which would, in effect, outlaw all online sexual content nationwide.

Utah Senator, Mormon Activist Single Out Adult Sites With 'PROTECT Act'

Utah Senator Mike Lee (R) and Mormon activist Dawn Hawkins, CEO of religiously motivated anti-porn lobby NCOSE, are promoting the PROTECT Act, a proposed federal bill that would make adult websites liable for third-party content.