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Pipedream’s Matthew Matsudaira Discusses International Expansion

In the two years since Matthew Matsudaira took the helm as CEO, Pipedream has implemented several changes driven by a renewed focus on culture, operational efficiency and product differentiation.

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Pipedream Opens Office, Showroom in Germany

Pipedream Products has opened a new European office and showroom located in Bremen, North Germany

Pipedream's CEO Matthew Matsudaira Shares New Initiatives

There’s a new vibe in the Pipedream headquarters — and it’s not of the battery-operated or USB-rechargeable variety — it’s the company’s newfound enthusiasm and dedication inspired by the newly minted CEO Matthew Matsudaira that was palpable during a visit to their offices today.

Q&A: Pipedream CEO Matthew Matsudaira Set to Usher in New Era

Earlier this month, Pipedream Products announced Matthew Matsudaira as the company’s new chief executive officer.

Matthew Matsudaira Named Pipedream CEO

Pipedream Products has announced Matthew Matsudaira as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer.