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Eropartner Announces 3 New Product Releases

Eropartner Distribution has announced the addition of three new products to its catalog.

CamSoda, Lovense Jump Into the Super Bowl With SuperCast

CamSoda is turning its attention to Super Bowl Sunday with a plan to connect Lovense sex toys with the football action on the screen.

Video: Lovense Provides Musical Orgasms in 'The Theremin-X Project'

Matt Bierner, a self-described “maker,” has combined Lovense vibrators and a Theremin in his latest experiment in “modded reality,” which looks at using technology to rework and remix one’s sensory experience of the world.

Lovense Soon to Get Alexa Virtual-Assistant Upgrade

An upcoming app update will add support for Amazon’s popular Alexa service.

Lovense Hosts 'Wheel of Fortune' Contest, 'A Cammer's Toy Box' Workshop at XBIZ Miami

XBIZ is pleased to announce Lovense as the sponsor of XBIZ Miami’s “A Cammer’s Toy Box” workshop and exclusive “Wheel of Fortune” contest.

Eropartner Offers Lovense Osci G-spot Stimulator

Eropartner Distribution has announced the availability of the Osci from Lovense.


Lovense Bring Sex Tech Down to Earth With User-Friendly Teledildonics

If your smartphone is distracting from your relationship, then one of two possibilities could be the culprit: 1. You haven't yet plugged into the teledildonic phenomenon, or 2. Your sex-tech manufacturer of choice is a bit too concerned with showing off their coding skills.

Colleen Godin ·

Glamour Magazine Introduces Its 1st Sex Toy Awards

Glamour’s first Sex Toy Awards were rolled out in a published piece in the magazine’s October print and online editions, with picks from a handful of sexual influentials who offered their advice on picking the best vibrators and accessories to achieve orgasms.

CamSoda's 'O-Cast' Offers New Way to Climax

Live cam platform CamSoda today launched an online marketplace that offers a catalog of simulated oral sex recordings and virtual licks.

Lovense API Enables Mind-Controlled Sex Toys

Lovense has announced the results of a series of innovative experiments to enhance the capabilities of its Lush vibrator through a unique application programming interface (API).

Eropartner Distribution Now Offering Lush by Lovense

Eropartner Distribution has announced they are now offering Lovense’s Lush, a bullet vibrator controlled via smartphone or smartwatch.