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Florida Senator to Reintroduce 'Revenge Porn' Bill

Seminole County State Sen. David Simmons is planning to introduce a new anti-revenge porn bill for next year’s legislative session that begins in March, after a similar push failed last year.

Federal 'Revenge Porn' Law in the Works

Activists working with a member of Congress have announced that they are preparing federal legislation to outlaw "revenge porn," potentially shifting accountability to Internet companies.

Maryland Legislature Seeks to Make 'Revenge Porn' a Felony

State Delegate Jon Cardin is proposing a bill tomorrow that would make posting “revenge porn” a felony in Maryland.

N.Y. Senators Want To Join the Fight Against 'Revenge Porn'

A group of New York lawmakers, motivated by the anti-revenge porn laws passed in California and New Jersey, have drafted similar legislation to combat the new form of virtual harassment.

California Gov. Jerry Brown Signs 'Revenge Porn' Bill

Jilted lovers beware: Gov. Jerry Brown signed California’s "revenge porn" bill into law yesterday, making it a crime to maliciously post nude photos. Supporter Threatens to Relaunch Banned Content

An individual claiming to be affiliated with, the revenge porn site spearheaded by notorious webmaster Hunter Thomas Taylor, says that the site's banned content now has a new online home.

California Senate Passes Revenge Porn Bill

Today the full California Senate approved a bill criminalizing revenge porn, bringing it one step closer to becoming law.

Canada May Criminalize Revenge Porn

Two Canadian legislative committees issued a report last week recommending that a new criminal offense be created to address the nonconsensual distribution of intimate images, often referred to as revenge porn.

'Storage Wars' Star Wins Porn Tape Lawsuit Against Hunter Moore

“Storage Wars’” Brandi Passante won a lawsuit against revenge porn vet and former owner of, Hunter Moore, for disseminating an alleged fake sex tape of the A&E reality star.

Revenge Porn's Hunter Moore Hit by 'Anonymous' Hackers founder Hunter Moore’s new attempt to revive his revenge porn ways has been stymied by Anonymous hackers.