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Nikki Benz Drops 2024 Calendar

Nikki Benz has released a 2024 calendar featuring 14 exclusive photos and a centerfold.

Sabien DeMonia Debuts New Merch

Sabien DeMonia has debuted a new calendar and is featured in a new coffee table book, both produced by

Adreena Winters Drops 2024 Calendar

Adreena Winters has released a 2024 calendar featuring an exclusive centerfold.

Tanya Tate Drops 2024 Calendar

Tanya Tate has released a 2024 calendar featuring new photographs.


Getting a Jumpstart on the Calendar Season as a Creator

Tanned and oiled bodies glistening on exotic beaches. The comforting smell of freshly mowed grass. The inevitable end of summer. While these may define the very essence of August, we should also acknowledge the fact that August is the start of the holiday calendar season.

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Tanya Tate Featured in Influencer Magazine

Tanya Tate is featured in the August 2023 issue of’s Influencer Magazine.


Harnessing Implied Nudity for Social Media Marketing

Using social media to sell subscriptions to your premium content is neither easy nor simple. Mainstream social media platforms tend to have strict — if not downright archaic — policies regarding what kinds of photos or images you can post.

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Sara St. Clair Teams Up With FanGear.Vip for Exclusive Merch Collection

Sara St. Clair has partnered with FanGear.Vip to offer a range of new collectible merchandise.

Fangear Updates Merch Platform, Adds 6 Stars to Roster

Fangear has added several new features to its platform, and expanded its roster of stars selling branded merch through the platform.

Bella Maori Featured in 'The Influencer' Magazine

Bella Maori is featured in the July 2023 issue of’s "The Influencer" magazine. Touts Successful May is celebrating a successful month of May, having seen the addition of more products to the retail site, new models joining the platform, and manufacturing and distribution deals with the Love Her Feet and Lover Her Films franchises.

Marina Gold Launches Shop

Marina Gold has launched a online shop, where she will sell branded merchandise.


How to Make, Sell and Ship Your Branded Merch

When it comes to selling your merch online, it’s great to have a multitude of channels and points of contact, but with so many choices it’s also good to understand the pros and cons of each. What works for you might not work for somebody else, and vice versa.

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Fangear Hires New Staff, Adds 18 Models to Roster

Fangear has hired two new staff members, in logistics and printing, and added 18 new models to its merch roster. to Launch 'Influencer' Magazine will launch a new monthly print magazine April 1, titled "Influencer."


Want to Sell Merch? Learn to Market Merch

Let’s get one thing straight: Marketing is not sales and sales is not marketing. They’re not even two different breeds of the same animal — they’re more like two different species.

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The Career Benefits of a 'Normal' Stage Name

Looking back to 15 years ago, could you have imagined that instead of Big Brother taking over the world and turning it into a dystopian sci-fi story, we would actually do it to ourselves?

Danny Ferretti · to Showcase Creator Merch at X3 Expo will turn its spotlight on custom-branded creator merchandise at X3 Expo, set for Jan. 13-14 at the world-famous Hollywood Palladium.


Growing Your Fan Base on One vs. Multiple Platforms

There are two sides to every coin. Which brings us to the great multi platform content conundrum: Should you become a creator on several sites or focus on just one?

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Danny Ferretti Earns 2023 XBIZ Exec Awards Nod

Danny Ferretti, Fangear and GFE Model Services Founder and CEO, is celebrating being nominated for the 2023 XBIZ "Progressive Leadership" Exec Award; an accomplishment that marks the second year in a row he has received this recognition.