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Woodhull Launches Petition to Block EARN IT Act

The Woodhull Freedom Foundation has launched a petition demanding that senators meet with its representatives and other groups concerned about the controversial EARN IT Act.

Free Speech Coalition to Host Town Hall About EARN IT Act

Free Speech Coalition (FSC) will host a town hall discussion this Thursday addressing the EARN IT Act, which recently passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee and is potentially headed toward a full vote in the Senate.

FSC Spells Out Staunch Opposition to Controversial EARN IT Act

Free Speech Coalition issued a statement today explaining in detail why it opposes the controversial EARN IT Act, and also an explainer clarifying the implications of the widely condemned legislation.

Senators Rush EARN IT Act Through Committee as Controversy Mounts

The controversial EARN IT Act, a proposed overhaul of internet rules that digital rights groups and sex worker advocates have overwhelmingly denounced as a threat to free speech, unanimously passed through the Senate Judiciary Committee this morning and is moving forward towards a Senate vote.

FSC Urges Industry Action to Defeat EARN IT Act

Free Speech Coalition has issued a call to action urging industry members to contact their senators and ask them to oppose the EARN IT Act.

Influential Anti-Porn Lobby NCOSE Endorses EARN IT Act

The leading anti-porn crusading group in the U.S., the religiously inspired NCOSE, has re-endorsed the EARN IT Act after its reintroduction by Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Connecticut) in late January.

Leading Digital Rights Group Urges Action Against EARN IT Act

Leading digital rights organization Electronic Frontier Foundation has issued a statement urging immediate action to defeat the revived EARN IT Act, which privacy and sex workers' rights advocates have unanimously identified as a serious censorship threat.

Adult Businesses, Sex Workers Again Put at Risk by EARN IT Act

Adult industry, sex worker and digital rights advocates unanimously sounded the alarm today about the nefarious implications for state censorship and privacy issues of the revived EARN IT Act, which was reintroduced yesterday by Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Connecticut).


The EARN IT Act: Are You Paying Attention Yet?

One of the common mistakes made in the adult entertainment industry is business operators not paying close enough attention to potential legal threats on the horizon.

Corey Silverstein ·

EARN IT Act Passes Committee Unanimously With New Amendment Shielding Encryption

The U.S. Senate’s Committee on the Judiciary voted unanimously this morning to bring the EARN IT Act to the floor of the Senate, including an amendment that explicitly separated the issue of encryption from the current scope of the legislation.

Sen. Graham Postpones EARN IT Act Hearing, Salutes It for 'Rattling the System'

The U.S. Senate’s Committee on the Judiciary postponed a hearing this morning concerning the EARN IT Act, which sex workers activists and digital rights activists have termed “the New FOSTA.”

Sex Workers Activists Urge Community to Help Stop 'New FOSTA' EARN IT Act

Hacking/Hustling (HH), a group of sex worker rights and digital rights activists, is urging all sex workers, advocates and allies to email senators tomorrow to oppose the EARN IT Act, described by critics as "a new FOSTA."

New Bipartisan Bill Directly Threatens Section 230 of Communications Decency Act

Free speech advocates, tech lobbyists, civil liberties groups and others are raising the alarm about legislation unveiled Thursday, intended to combat "online sexual abuse of children," that threatens Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act which protects tech companies from liability for content posted by users of their websites or platforms.