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Wired Publishes Opinion Piece Stigmatizing Adult Content, Sex Work

Wired Magazine published an online opinion piece today by Virgina Heffernan, who deployed a number of stigmatizing and stereotypical tropes about sex work and depictions of sex in order to advance her entirely conjectural notions about the future of adult content on Twitter.

Maryland Lawsuit Alleging Instagram Discrimination Against Adult Business Moves Forward

A Maryland judge ruled on Monday that a lawsuit against Meta, over alleged discrimination by Instagram against an adult business, can move forward.

Dr. Carolina Are to Present Workshop on Algorithmic Bias Against Nudity

Digital studies and sexuality researcher Dr. Carolina Are will be presenting a talk in San Francisco this Saturday on her research into algorithmic bias against nudity, and its relationship with the patriarchy and whorephobia.

Roku to Ban All Porn Channels by March 2022

Roku announced a change of policy concerning private channels last week at its annual developer conference that will result in an effective ban of porn channels by March 1, 2022


Deplatforming: The Looming Threat to Adult Entertainment

In the blink of an eye, former President Trump was gone from social media. Facebook and Twitter suspended his accounts for violating their community guidelines.

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