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Nadgerz Puts Balldo Up for Sale

Nadgerz Inc., owner of Balldo, has put the line of pleasure products up for sale.

Nadgerz Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for 'Viballdo'

Nadgerz has launched its second Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, this time for the Viballdo, a follow-up to the Balldo ball dildo, a viral hit for the company in 2021.

Balldo, Tommy Pistol Team Up for Promotional Short Film

Nadgerz Inc.’s Balldo is the subject of the new short “The Adventures of Balldo: World’s Most Reliable Private Dick,” starring and directed by Tommy Pistol.

Balldo's Jerry Davis Guests on 'Adult Site Broker Talk'

Jerry Davies from Balldo is the latest industry figure to guest on “Adult Site Broker Talk.”

Nadgerz Notes Spectrum of Reviews for 'Balldo' Pleasure Device

Nadgerz, maker of Balldo device, is promoting a spectrum of reviews for its inaugural product.

Howard Stern Debuts 'Shark Tank'-Style Contest for Sex Toy Entrepreneurs

Pleasure product execs appeared yesterday on "The Howard Stern Show" as judges for its first "Sex Toy Tycoon" contest, a "Shark Tank"-style competition for pleasure product entrepreneurs.

Balldo Releases New Instructional Video for V-Day

Balldo has released an instructional video, timed for Valentine’s Day, offering “ballgasm” tips to assist new users.

Balldo Celebrates 1st XBIZ Award, Lands Review in Cosmopolitan

Nadgerz, maker of the Balldo, is celebrating its first XBIZ Award, in the category of “Innovative Sex Toy of the Year,” as well as a positive review from Cosmopolitan.

Entrenue Now Distributing 'Balldo'

Entrenue is now distributing the Balldo, designed to allow men and penis-havers to penetrate partners with their balls and "unleash pleasure that they’ve never experienced before."


Jerry Davies Invents New Niche With 'Balldo' Wearable Couples' Toy

The pleasure sector has successfully engineered an orgasm for just about every body part. The nipplegasm, the buttgasm, and even the skingasm are terms often tossed around by modern sex educators, but apparently we've long overlooked a more obvious organ that's hankering for a climax.

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Balldo Announces Official Product Launch, Immediate Shipping to Wholesalers

Nadgerz Inc. has announced the official release of the company's flagship product, the Balldo, which is now shipping to wholesalers.

Testicular Dildo 'Balldo' Surpasses Crowdfunding Goal

Nadgerz, designers of testicular dildo Balldo, report “a massive success" for their recent crowdfunding campaign that has earned five times its expected goal.

Balldo Launches Indiegogo Campaign

Balldo’s Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign launched today, allowing consumers from around the world pre-order the device for $59.

Nadgerz to Debut 'Balldo' at ANME/XBIZ This Week

The newly established Nadgerz, Inc. company will showcase its first product, the balldo, at the ANME/XBIZ Show this week. The balldo is described as "the world’s first dildo that uses your balls for penetrative sex."