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MelRose Michaels, Jessie Sage Release 'On the Whorizon' Podcast

MelRose Michaels and Jessie Sage have announced the release of "On the Whorizon," a new podcast dedicated to "the future of sex work and how to navigate it."

Assembly Four Joins SexWorkCEO as Premier Sponsor

Assembly Four, described as an "Australia-based collective of sex workers and technologists that creates products and services to help sex workers thrive," has joined SexWorkCEO (SWCEO) as a premier sponsor.

Sex Workers Fight Back Against SESTA With Switter

As the sun sets on online freedoms, sex workers of all kinds — including adult performers — are quietly and swiftly being silenced on social media. Rightfully they’re fed up, and instead of sitting back and taking it, SWers are doing what they have done for centuries and taking their careers by the reins. The new website Switter, a portmanteau of “sex worker” and “Twitter,” began making waves in the community this week, an alternative social network that’s created by, and for, sex workers.