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Amazon to Unveil New Version of Kindle Ebook

Promising a leap forward in functionality, Amazon will unveil two new versions of its electronic book, the Kindle, in the coming months.

Another DRM Defeat: Amazon Signs Sony

In another public defeat for Digital Rights Management (DRM), has obtained the right to offer DRM-free music from Sony BMG.

Amazon Unveils New Ebook With Free Internet Access's Jeff Bezos today unveiled another mobile device that can deliver adult content faster and easier: the Kindle, which joins the new and growing ebook market.

Amazon Taking Pre-Orders for Vista

In anticipation of the release of Microsoft’s Vista, has yielded to customer demand and is taking pre-orders for four versions of the new operating system.

Amazon Believes VOD Will Boost DVD Sales

Online giant is getting into the video-on-demand market with the hope that offering the service could boost online DVD sales. Just as adult studios often use streaming content as an incentive to purchase a full-length feature, Amazon is finally getting around to applying the same idea to mainstream content.

Amazon Launches New Sex Products Section

Amazon has introduced a sub-section called Sex and Sensuality that features nearly 40,000 adults-only items, including more than 9,000 varieties of vibrators and 5,500 items under the general description of “sex enhancers.”

Perfect 10 Files Sues Amazon, Alleges Copyright Infringement

Norman Zada, owner and founder of Perfect 10 Magazine and its accompanying website, has filed a motion for preliminary injunction against for copyright infringement. Zada contends that search engines like Google and others are breeding grounds for copyright infringement.

Amazon Launches Unique Search Engine

The latest player to enter the competitive search market is, who released it's offering this week through subsidiary Only a few days after its launch, however, privacy concerns are being raised...

E-Data Sues Amazon for Patent Infringement

Making a steady sweep through the Internet industry collecting overdue patent fees, E-Data Corp. is the latest well-monied company to make the rounds in cyberspace claiming to own the rights to a technology that has been in use for years.