Master Series Musk

XR Brands
Master Series Musk

Ever want to swim in the aroma of your partner’s sweaty crotch? There is nothing that will get you closer than XR Brand’s Master’s Series Musk mask.

The toy is pretty a simple, an athletic cup that you can attach to a face. First, you can use the athletic cup for actual athletic purposes, and then you can snap it to a face strap that is lockable. The imagery alone is powerful and degrading, just what you would want out of the toy. The lining of the cup is not as fancy as a well-designed modern athletic cup, but that isn’t really the point here. This toy is fun and unique. At the very least, it makes for an awesome present to a kinky sub in your life.

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Product Description:

If your plaything can not get enough of the powerful smell of your sweaty groin, give them what they want by locking them into this unique and humiliating muzzle! The comfortable silicone-lined athletic cup unsnaps from the straps so that you can wear it during the game, then force your sub to inhale your scent afterwards. Overwhelm them with the pungence of a used pair of socks or underwear stuffed in the cup with their desperate face. The straps adjust to fit most and have a locking buckle so that you can lock them up with your ripe odors trapped inside! Your nasty plaything better be careful what they wish for!
Chelston and Tracy-Lynn