Ringmaster Steel Rings Enhancer Set

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Ringmaster Steel Rings Enhancer Set

I don't believe a title could be any more honest. Ringmaster presents the "Steel Rings" enhancer set.  The box gives away the secret of what’s inside with pictures and lengths of the 1.75", 2", and 2.5" steel cock rings. Inside there are three individually packaged rings with above stated specs. The whole concept is to slip the ring around the shaft and have it fit snugly at the base. Making your erection last longer and feel harder.

Since these are made of steel they will not have much give once put on. Each ring comes with a package of H20 jelly and a set of instructions. I highly recommend making use of the lube to help putting on and taking off the ring. If any of the aforementioned sizes are the correct fit for you, these are as simple as they come. They perform the job they are designed to do.

Product Description:

Steel rings with polished silver finish;

Three different sized rings included

Perfect for hardcore play

Chelston and Tracy-Lynn