Fantasy C-Ringz Original Ball Banger

Pipedream Products
Fantasy C-Ringz Original Ball Banger

Fantasy C-Ringz Original Ball Banger by Pipedream Products was definitely a new addition to our toy box. Interesting in design, it acts as a cock ring with three extended tassels with weighted ball bearings snugged into a Neoprene glove. The ring provided a snug fit that did its job to keep his member nice and blood-gorged. Trying various positions to stimulate both of us, the product added to the enjoyment. Boxed in your standard black and silver sex appeal packaging, this banger shows you exactly what you should expect on the cover.

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Product Description:

Perform like a pro, last longer than ever before, and extend the fun for both of you with the Original Ball Banger. Made from body-safe, phthalate-free TPR, this dual-action stamina ring easily stretches for maximum comfort. With this cock ring wrapped snug around your cock, you'll maintain rock hard erections and prolong the fun while you stimulate your partner. It puts a stop to those embarrassing midway letdowns and creates rock hard erections guaranteeing that you will always be ready for action! The metal balls swing and bang against you and your lover with each thrust creating incredible sensations.

The unbelievable stretch and form-fitting comfort makes this the ultimate ring for harder, longer lasting erections and incredible sex! The super-stretchy, latex-free TPR can be enjoyed in full confidence with water-based lubricants. Cleanup is a snap after the fun with toy cleaner and warm water. Use plenty of Moist for an extra wet and wild encounter!

Chelston and Tracy-Lynn