50 Speeds of Play Grey Steel

Rocks Off
50 Speeds of Play Grey Steel

With the play on words, the packaging and color scheme this toy will definitely appeal to the “Fifty Shades of Grey” crowd but putting all that aside this is a great vibrator. The 50 Speeds of Play Grey Steel from Rocks-Off has everything you needed to be your new best friend. It has huge amounts of power, tons of functions for every mood, a smooth finish and it is waterproof. Once playing with this toy you may forget whom Christian even is.

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Product Description:

I want to feel in control, I want to go to a dark sensual place where the pleasure is all mine. I purr, as I imagine the erotic pulsations of my very own Grey Steel passion bullet. I step out of the shower and he's waiting strong and hard. I gasp, I hold my breath as I feel the excitement rise between my legs, my body responds to the rhythms, I don't want it to stop…

Breathlessly shaking, I listen for a moment and start counting to 50 teasing myself and then slowly…

Regan Davis