Passion Hybrid Lube

XR Brands
Passion Hybrid Lube

XR Brand’s Passion Hybrid is a personal lubricant that boasts to be the best qualities of silicone and water-based lubes combined. Though it mentions having the best qualities of silicone and water-based lubricants, it doesn’t say anything about what materials it is safe to use with. For those using the lube on toys, you might want to do a test spot. Used as a personal lubricant on your skin, the lube works really well. It is extremely slick, and lasts a few seconds longer than your standard water-based lube.

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Product Description:

This exquisite blend of water based and silicone based lubes gives you the best of both worlds with none of the drawbacks. Now you can enjoy the long lasting slickness of a silicone based lube, with the ease and adaptability of a water based lube. Works with silicone and rubber toys, and cleans up easily with soap and water. Perfect for couples or solo play.
Chelston and Tracy-Lynn