Southern Butter Small Variety Pack

Sierra Sage
Southern Butter Small Variety Pack

The Sierra Stage Southern Butter Small Variety Pack is a set of sample-sized lubricants and other coconut oiled-based moisturizers. The kit contains massage oil, body butter, lip balm, and two water-based lubricants, one scented, one unscented. Both the body butter and the lip balm are excellent, hold up well on their own as far as moisturizers go. Overall the kit is a nice, natural find.

Product Description:

“I feel passionate about combining good health practices with our most intimate moments. Our Southern Butter intimacy line was designed with one sole intention, to connect our minds and bodies with a safe, health conscious product. We formulated an organic product. All our Southern Butter products are nourishing, moisturizing,stimulate your love-making, and make you feel more sensual. Feel good all over, inside and out, it makes life a little sweeter.” ~ Jodi, Owner and MA Health Psychology
Tracy and Chelston