Jeweled Flogger

Jeweled Flogger
The Sportsheets Jeweled Flogger is pretty and packaged in a simple clear bag with a tag. The concept of a Jeweled Flogger makes us picture an impressive, steal-the-scene dominatrix. The tag however introduces us to Sportsheets’ “redefined” version of S&M, where here a naked, cowering, commercial model wielding a whip makes S&M easier to digest for those looking to add some sprinkles to their vanilla.

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Product Description:

Sex & Mischief Faux Leather Jeweled Flogger - High quality strands are the heart and soul of these fun new whips. Handles with a wrist strap help to keep your flogger in hand. Your partner will love the unique feel. Whip for role playing and discipline.
Tracey-Lynn and Chelston