Johnny Hazzard, Stoya’s Steamy ‘Dream Date’

PHILADELPHIA — Adult entertainment blog has debuted “Stoya’s Dream Date,” a short film featuring the Digital Playground contract player and Rascal Video exclusive Johnny Hazzard. The movie is the result of a mash note Stoya penned to the gay adult performer in March and posted to PopPorn.

The black-and-white silent film “brings these two powerhouses of the adult world together for a romantic romp,” the site said.

“The film is set against the ageless beauty of Old City Philadelphia and concludes with a hot and heavy makeout session,” as described by

Hazzard said it had been 12 years since he kissed a girl [and, reportedly, he liked it].

“I’d like to thank PopPorn for introducing me to such a beautiful creature,” Hazzard said, “and I thank Stoya for being Stoya.”

“If I had a cock, I would bang the living daylights out of Johnny Hazzard,” Stoya said.

“Since my anatomy refuses to cooperate with that plan, the awesome dudes at gave me the opportunity to receive a chaste kiss on the lips, do a hilarious skit, and then kinda be involved in a mutual face rampage during a drunken post-LGBT film festival party,” the starlet added.

Website Editor-in-Chief Brian Bangs said the short was “a proud moment for us.”

He noted that straight and gay sides of adult entertainment often do not mingle.

“There is often a ‘Don’t mix the streams’ vibe in the industry,” he said. “Stoya and Johnny simply shattered that taboo and had a hell of a lot of fun doing it,” Bangs said.

In conjunction with his adult work for Rascal Video, Hazzard has a recurring role on the Here! TV series “The Lair.”

Hazzard is the latest Rascal exclusive to hook up with straight starlets. He joins Cameron Marshall and Blake Riley in the forthcoming bisexual adult film “Shifting Gears: A Bisexual Transmission.”

In the film, both stars have sex with men and women. In fact, Riley had never been with a woman in his personal life and lost his virginity on-camera to starlet Shy Love. launched earlier this year and chronicles the convergence of adult entertainment with mainstream pop culture.