Offering New Niche Content

GLENDALE, Calif. — Licensing company is offering content in specialized niches to help webmasters reach new customers.

"They're hurting in regular niches," WorldWideContent founder and CEO Raffi Vartanian told XBIZ. "A lot of the free traffic isn't as competitive, so they have to find things that have a competitive edge, that give something that isn't out there.

"When there are too many apples, you have to find an apple of a different color."

The new niche content available from WorldWideContent includes gay Asian twinks, genuine Japanese live-action porn, bondage and '80s classics.

The gay Asian twink material comes from Island Caprice Studios, "the only one that does gay Asian twinks," Vartanian said.

The live-action Japanese material comes from Japanese producers.

"It's authentic Japanese, not the U.S.-made Japanese. There's not too much of that," Vartanian said. "Oriental Dream Pictures is exclusive with us. There are big studios there that have proper production facilities, they've got 2257s. They don't explore into the U.S. much. I think they're afraid of piracy."

The bondage material has more than 100 titles, many from LBO, including "Taste of Torment."

"It's chains, leather, tied-up stuff," Vartanian said. "These are titles that haven’t been explored much."

The '80s classics were shot on film and video.

"It's from back in the day when it was fun," Vartanian said. "We have more than 400 titles."

WorldWideContent's future plans call for new technology to offer DVD quality over the Internet.

"We're building cable channels," Vartanian said. "Cable companies on the Internet. Eventually that's what's going to happen, getting the Internet through their TV. When they go to the Internet they can got to a website that plays the feeds just like TV. Why have only 200 channels? You can have 200,000 channels with the Internet. All the cable companies are gong to change, if they aren't doing it already."

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