LethalHardcoreContent.com Offers 'Back-to-School' Sale

CYBERSPACE — LethalHardcoreContent.com is offering 50 percent off of all of its teen titles as part of its Super Sexy Back to School sale throughout September.

Two volumes of each of the following series are available: "Almost Jailbait," "Just Turned 18," "Legal at Last," "New Nymphos" and "Cherry Bustin’." All DVDs come with complete 2257 documentation and matching photo sets.

“Starting school after a fun-filled summer vacation was always such a drag, but I always tried to look on the bright side,” Lethal Hardcore owner Stoney Curtis said. “Sure it meant hitting the books instead of hanging out with bikini-clad sluts by the pool or getting blown by your high school sweetheart at make-out point, but it also meant that football season was back and it gave you the chance to sweet talk the new girl in class into putting out under the bleachers.”

To order, call (818) 887-6343, or email Stoneycurtis@socal.rr.com.