New Erotic Computer Game Goes Live

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands — Video game company Artmunk has released a new erotic computer game, the Velvet Express. The game's scenario is set on a luxury train in the 1930s and offers "a myriad of sexual encounters to suit all tastes."

Artmunk previously released two erotic chess computer games, "Lovechess: The Greek Era" and "Lovechess: Age of Egypt."

"We use the train as a metaphor to embark on a journey to visit erotic fantasies and desires, just like the exotic destinations of the 1930s luxury trains," a company spokesman said. "In the Velvet Express you will meet four distinctive female characters, each featuring her own ambiance and sexual peculiarities."

Artmunk's new physics driven animation engine in The Velvet Express offers users an "interactive" experience, where the player can select from more than 50 sex positions and then control the rhythm and pace of the sex.

"The combination of animation and real time physics results in a highly lifelike feeling to the sexual encounters," the spokesman said.

The game offers three distinct male characters to go with the four different females. Props that can be used in the game include a sex doll and SM furniture. Users can record their experiences, and clips are compatible with common movie players and editing software.

The Velvet Express runs on Windows XP or Vista-based computers.

For more information, visit the Velvet Express website.