Ryder Skye 'Misconstrued' by Details Magazine

LOS ANGELES — Adult performer Ryder Skye is featured in an article titled "What if Your Wife Were a Porn Star?" in the September issue of Details magazine.

Although the piece gives prominent coverage to Skye's personal life outside of the business, Skye said she believes the magazine skewed facts to portray the issues the article raised in a negative light.

"I feel article misconstrued what was said by my husband and myself," Skye said. "It seemed to be more about picking what was most salacious about our relationship. They were not interested in telling our story accurately." Allthough Skye — whose name was misspelled "Sky" in the article — said that the misrepresentations painted an inaccurate picture of her marriage, she also views the article as part of the double-edged nature of being an adult personality. "I'm more in the public eye than when I began in this industry," Skye said, "and that includes being recognized in the mainstream as an X-rated performer. There are responsible members of the media who are accurate and forthright in their representation of the industry. On the other hand, I recognize that there's always a risk that the motivations behind an article aren't always exactly as it's presented. As I aspire to become a well-known personality, I make a serious effort to put my best face forward at all times. The adult industry deserves to be recognized in a positive light for a change."

Skye will appear in an upcoming episode of the nationally syndicated talk show "Maury" as a result of the Details article. She says she plans to correct the misconceptions presented in the article during the segment.

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Ryder Skye is represented by Mark Spiegler of Spiegler Girls.