Yasmin Lee Returns to Performing in Domme Role at TSSeduction.com

SAN FRANCISCO — Adult performer Yasmin Lee will make an appearance on TSSeduction.com this week in the domme role, in which she'll perform all manner of sex acts while keeping her foot planted on her scene partners' necks.

Lee has previous said that she was going to retire from the industry, but this appearance will mark the first of many for the transsexual performer.

“I was thinking of retiring from porn,” she said. “But after working at TS Seduction, I had so much fun I decided to pop up now and then for my loving fans.”

TSSeduction.com belongs to the Kink.com network of fetish sites and features straight guys in BDSM scenarios with transgender performers. Joining Lee this week will be performers Lobo (a submissive) and Natassia Dream, a fellow domme and transgender performer.

Dream actually persuaded Lee to come out of her near-retirement for the scene, which will also mark her first professional appearance as a domme.

“When I'm alone with my significant other, I'm usually the one who takes charge – that's what I prefer," she said. "But leather and latex and all that is very new to me. I had a lot of fun doing it. I'm definitely looking forward to stepping a little bit further in and learning more.”

Lee will return to San Francisco in September to shoot more content for the site.

For more information on Lee, visit MySpace page.

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