Shawn Legend Says ‘Bang My Guts’

ATLANTA — “Bang My Guts” is the latest release from Ty Lattimore Entertainment and Ty Lattimore also directs. The film was crafted as a showcase for rising newcomer Shawn Legend.

Costars include Tre Daniels, Kaj, Pierce, Deon T. and Angel Vasquez. It has a running time of 72 minutes.

Legend was discovered at a promotional event Lattimore attended several years ago.

“He approached me and expressed an interest in auditioning. He had sent some information to a few other studios, but never heard back from them. I instantly signed him to an exclusive contract,” Lattimore told XBIZ.

“I named him ‘Shawn Legend’ because he will become a legend,” he added.

The performer is one of a small handful of actors, in his experience, who “hit the ground running,” Lattimore said. “He is a natural. He did not require much directing or coaching.”

The director also appreciates Legend’s innate ease in front of the camera and sense of humor.

“He has this little dance he does before every shoot to the Kanye West song ‘Gold Digger’ that is so stupid,” Lattimore said.

Based on positive customer response to Legend’s earlier video work, Lattimore designed “Bang My Guts” to give him the chance to display his versatility.

“This one shows just how well he can fuck and be fucked,” Lattimore said. “I decided to pair Kaj with Shawn because they have similar bodies but completely different features. Kaj has a huge dick and eight-pack abs. I knew he would enjoy fucking Shawn’s booty hole.”

“All of the models brought something interesting physically and sexually to the video,” he said. “As with my other videos, there is a nice mix of body types, builds, ages, complexions and ethnicities.”

After nearly a decade performing in some 50 features, Lattimore first stepped behind the camera in 2004. Through his eponymous Ty Lattimore Entertainment and Throttle Media, the performer-director-producer turns out between 8-10 films per year.

“I also produce a line called DC Bandits directed by Derrick King in Washington,” Lattimore said. “My goal is to start hiring more outside directors to mix it up and add some different flavor. A few of the models have expressed some interest in directing. It would only make sense to give them a chance as someone did for me.”

“Bang My Guts” released earlier this month via PornTeam. The Men of Ty Lattimore Entertainment 2009 Calendar also is currently on sale.