Dexter Palmer Says to 'Slide Right On!'

SAN FRANCISCO — Dexter Palmer Productions has announced the release of “Slide Right On!” featuring Antonio Milan, with Palmer costarring and directing.

The boutique studio is releasing “Slide Right On!” as a double-disc set with 2006 film “Dexter’s Playspace.” DVD extras include featurettes shot during San Diego’s gay pride festivities and the Los Angeles Adult Expo consumer show.

The film marks Palmer’s first onscreen role in three years.

“I wanted to focus on being behind the scenes. It’s hard to direct and look for all the shots and such when you’re in the scene,” he told XBIZ. “I have some fans that would like to see me in more scenes, but I don’t feel as though I need to be in every DVD that I produce.”

Palmer’s adult career began with a Honcho magazine shoot in 1999. He didn’t transition to actual adult movies until the 2004 production “From Bear to Bare” for All Worlds Video.

One year later, he founded Dexter Palmer Productions and released his first film. The company relocated from San Diego to San Francisco in 2007.

Palmer adheres to an all-sex philosophy.

“I used to rent VHS porn, tape them onto blank cassettes and would cut out all the walking and talking, and go straight to the sex,” Palmer said.

According to Palmer, there is minimal dialogue in his films and no elaborate sets.

“I mainly shoot first-timers and amateurs with an ‘everyday’ look, like the guys that you would see in everyday life and fantasize having sex with. The guy at the bar or grocery store or Laundromat — I have put them on film for you.”

However, rising star Antonio Milan does headline in “Slide Right On!” as well as last year’s “My Ass, Your Dick, My Mouth.”

“Yes, Antonio is special,” Palmer said. “He is so refreshing to work with — dependable, versatile — he has sex with the entire “Slide Right On!” cast. No attitude and [he] just seems to have fun doing it. I’m glad to have him in two of my films before he gets too big and I can’t afford him anymore.”

Palmer plans to release only one or two films per year and is currently self-distributing. Two previous distribution deals ended badly and left a sour taste in his mouth for traditional methods of disseminating product.

Both of his previous distributors still owe Palmer money.

“It seems, these days, if they don’t get paid from the stores then they decide not to pay the studios,” he said. “I’m the one that put up all the expenses. If I were a large studio [perhaps] I could afford to forgive their debt. But I’m not, so literally every single dollar is important.”

Dexter Palmer Productions is available via Nakedsword/AEBN and TLAonDemand.

“Slide Right On!” can be purchased online directly from the Dexter Palmer Productions website.