Carries Magnum Enlargement Line

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Distributor has announced that they are now carrying the Magnum Enlargement line of products.

Retailers now will be able to offer customers three new items from Magnum Enlargement through SexToyDistributing, including the Magnum penis enlarger, the Magnum penis pumping kit and the Magnum clitoris excitement system.

One thing Medina believes the Magnum penis pumping has going for it over other pumps, is its “eye-catching” packaging.

“Our packaging has a fun look and feel to it, so it’s a mix of the medical side and the fun side,” Medina said. “So you can pick it off the shelf and not feel weird.”

The enlarger sells for about $70 and James Medina, business developer for SexToyDistributing, believes that customers get a better deal with their site because of the company’s philosophy.

“We cut the cost down with volume and the fact that we don’t throw in a bunch of frou-frou crap that nobody needs,” Medina said.

Medina also said is excited about the other piece of the magnum line — the Magnum clitoris excitement system, which it calls a complete clit pumping solution.

The pumper’s cylinder comes in three sizes and offers various sensations by diffusing the suction over different areas. It comes with a pussy pump accessory and nipple cylinders.

As the exclusive distributor of the Magnum line, believes they’ve got a big edge on the competition.

“We're hugely excited,” Medina said. “We're practically giving away the Magnum Enlargers at the price point we've got them at.

Medina said that when it came to striking a partnership with Magnum Enterprises, it was anything but a difficult decision.

“They’ve got a good line of products serving a huge segment of the market at a good price, with a good brand,” he said. “There wasn’t much to think about.”