Channel 1 Releasing ‘Shifting Gears’ With Bisex Epic

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Directrix Chi Chi LaRue has returned to his bisexual porn roots with “Shifting Gears: A Bisexual Transmission.” The video wrapped production last week in Hollywood under the Channel 1 Releasing label.

Studio exclusives Cameron Marshall, Johnny Hazzard and Blake Riley headline the cast. Supporting cast includes Ryan Alexander, Wolf Hudson, Cody Springs and Lee Stephens.

The film is notable in that Riley had never been with a woman prior to losing his virginity [so to speak] on set.

Brittany Amber and Shy Love are the female leads in the cast that includes Krystal Kali and Lola.

“I would say probably the biggest standout in this movie was Blake Riley, who has never been with a girl in his life,” La Rue said. “Blake fucks Shy and Brittany, and also fucks the lovely Ms. Amber while also getting fucked by Ryan Alexander’s big dick. Delish!”

Channel 1 Releasing said the film’s centerpiece is “a bisexual orgy” that took seven hours to shoot and allowed cast members to sample each other’s wares. For example, Hudson and Lola pair off in a hetero scene, while Hazzard and Marshall hook up together for some gay flavor.

“I know all the complaints about bi porn in the past,” LaRue told XBIZ. “Fans would always complain about how the sex wasn’t authentically bisexual with just one lesbian scene, one gay scene, one straight scene. Sometimes it worked out that way, but this movie is very bisexual. Just wait until you see that huge orgy. Everyone does everything to everyone.”

LaRue notes bisex films are a staple of the Channel 1 catalog, which includes classics from the All Worlds Video and Catalina Video canon.

“They sell and sell and sell,” LaRue said. “Not huge numbers all at once, but very consistently over time. I was looking at the numbers for my older bi movies like ‘Mile Bi Club’ and ‘Fly Bi Night’ and was really surprised at how many units we’d moved. I knew it was time for another one.”

XBIZ will feature an exclusive story on the production of “Shifting Gears” in its September issue of XBIZ Premiere magazine [available by subscription and online].

“Shifting Gears: A Bisexual Transmission” is set for an autumn release.