'Johnny Wadd' Comes to DVD for First Time

LAS VEGAS — Classic-film company VCX has announced plans for a DVD release of the 1973 film "Johnny Wadd," starring John C. Holmes and directed by Bob Chinn. The film was the first of a series of features starring Holmes as detective Johnny Wadd.

"Johnny Wadd" has never been released for home video — not even on VHS — said VCX President David Sutton.

The print of the film was discovered by Chinn in storage, Chinn said at a signing of a biography of Holmes last week. The print was the first to be received from the processing lab, and had been projected only once.

"The print was in great shape anyway, but we wet-gated it," Sutton said, referring to a process used to preserve old film while it's being transferred. "The transfer is awesome, and the colors just pop. It looks like it's just been filmed.

"Holmes is at his absolute best — young and drug-free. Bob Chinn did a director's commentary and we shot an interview that gave an insight into early '70s shoot-and-scoot porn that's just phenomenal. It's a real time capsule."

Sutton also pointed out that VCX owns many of the movies Chinn speaks about in the behind-the-scenes director's interview in the movie, "and when he made reference to a certain scene, we can fade into that scene."

The DVD has a street date of September 23.

For more information, email David Sutton at david@vcx.com.