Bruno Gmunder, Raging Stallion Go ‘Magnum’

BERLIN — Publisher Bruno Gmünder Verlag has announced a forthcoming slate of photobooks that includes a collaboration with gay adult company Raging Stallion Studios.

“Magnum,” featuring Raging Stallion Exclusive model Steve Cruz on the cover, is set for publication across Europe in September and will be available stateside in November.

The 9 x 12 inch, 192-page “Magnum” is an “opulently crafted book of photography chock full of masculinity: solid, virile guys who bare it all for legendary Raging Stallion Studios — aggressive, matter-of-fact, natural and extremely erotic,” said Gmunder.

The entire book was shot by shutterbug Kent Taylor, who also is a RSS partner. Gmunder notes Magnum “demonstrates how adept Taylor is at capturing the charisma and allure of these famous models.”

Featured models include performers Jake Deckard, Fred Faurtin, Huessein, Logan McRee, Roman Ragazzi and François Sagat.

“Raging Stallion is very excited about the release of their first coffee table book; it is a huge honor that my image was chosen for the cover,” Cruz told XBIZ. “I can’t contain my excitement. Kent Taylor is one of my favorite photographers and one of my favorite people.”

“Shooting porn stills can, at times, feel a bit like an assembly line,” he notes. “You find yourself and a cast of guys all featured on the same set and often in the same basic poses. I’m fortunate that Kent lets me try different things and is open to collaboration. Usually we capture some really amazing images that way. And we spend most of the time laughing through the shoots. I can hardly call it work.”

Cruz said the book photos were culled primarily from shoots for various Raging Stallion productions. However, “there are a few images included that we shot for fun, like the ‘Rock Star’ series.”

For that shoot, Cruz created the set and advised on the lighting design.What he terms one of the “fun shoots” produced the cover image.

Cruz spent two months growing a beard to accommodate an ardent admirer he calls his “Beard Fan.” The fan’s facial hair fetish inspired Cruz to blog his progress online.

“The arrangement ended with a final photo shoot of the full beard and images of me shaving it into a goatee,” Cruz said. “It’s a very different look for me, so it’s amazing that this shot was chosen for the cover.”

“Magnum” is scheduled to release in the U.S. in September.

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