Erotic Heritage Museum Opens in Vegas

LAS VEGAS — Sin City added yet another adult destination to its roster when the Erotic Heritage Museum opened on Aug. 2. The opening for artists, critics and friends drew a crowd of several hundred.

The museum encompasses over 24,000 square feet of permanent and featured exhibit space with a special emphasis on the unfolding of the American Sexual Revolution of the 20th Century. The museum opened with the theme “Erotic Art Now” and featured artists Francois Dubeau, Bobby Logic, Todji Kurtzman, Jacqueline Cooper, Keith Murray, Michael Grecco and Jeff Gord.

The museum is owned and managed by the Exodus Trust, a nonprofit California trust. Because of its nonprofit status, the museum was given license to campaign for charitable donations of both money and art.

The Erotic Heritage Museum offers space for lectures, symposiums, classes and workshops to promote artistic, educational, scientific and literary functions. The museum supports academic pursuits and research through the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality and its satellite campus. Continuing education also will be offered through American College of Sexologists and other affiliated academic associations and organizations.

“This museum is for everyone,” said Dr. Laura Henkel, artistic director for the museum. “It’s an opportunity to learn about ourselves and about others, and a delightful way to spend a few hours.”

The Erotic Heritage Museum is located at 3275 Industrial Rd. and doors open daily at 11 a.m. Admission is $15 or $12 for students and seniors with ID. Las Vegas residents with valid local ID also will receive 50 percent off admission. All visitors, including those to the gift shop, must be 18 years of age.