Larry Flynt to Be Featured in Documentary on IFC

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Industry legend Larry Flynt positions himself as a champion of free speech in a new documentary to be shown on the Independent Film Channel, "Larry Flynt: The Right to Be Left Alone."

Joan Brooker-Marks directs.

The documentary follows Flynt's career, including abundant footage surrounding his various First Amendment battles. Frazier Moore, a reviewer for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer called the movie "bristling [and] sometimes disjointed," but also said that Flynt emerges from the movie in good form.

"’The Right to Be Left Alone' profiles a man you don't have to like to find worth heeding," Moore wrote. "And a man you may like more than you might have expected."

In the documentary, Flynt gets plenty of screen time to mount passionate arguments for free speech and the need for average citizens to fight for their constitutional rights.

"We figure that freedom of the press is only important if it's offensive," Flynt says in the film. "If we're not gonna offend anybody, we don't need protection of the First Amendment."

"The Right to Be Left Alone" chronicles Flynt's most famous triumphs and failures, including his landmark Supreme Court victory over Jerry Falwell in 1988. Falwell sued Flynt over a political cartoon featured in Hustler Magazine. A unanimous Supreme Court ruled in Flynt's favor.

The documentary also deals with the gunshot that changed Flynt's life. During a 1978 obscenity tral in Georgia, Flynt was shot and paralyzed.

"Larry Flynt: The Right to Be Left Alone" airs on the IFC channel at 6 p.m. PST Thursday.