NRPW Heads to New Zealand for Erotica Expo

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Craig Valentine’s “Not Rated Pro Wrestling” league has announced the team will attend New Zealand’s Erotica Expo, Aug. 22-24, at the ASB Showgrounds in Auckland.

NRPW combines professional wrestling with adult stars. NRPW’s roster includes Vampire Warrior, Matt Bateman, Blackheart, Doc Rivers, Mr. Montana, Loaded Cash, Pablo Marquez, Too Cold Scorpio, Snakemaster Abudadene, Kid Romeo, Annie Social, Jessica Haze, NY Knockout Nikki, Billy Blade, Dick Fitzwell, and ATM (All The Money).

“The Australian/New Zealand adult market is huge,” IVD public relations manager Alexandra H. told XBIZ. “We’re hearing great anticipation for the wrestlers to participate in that show.”

Evan Stone, Craig Valentine and the Vampire Warrior are scheduled to wrestle in an event where the victor of the match will retain the rights to the loser’s production studio.

“There’s a huge underground and professional wrestling scene over there,” Alexandra H. said. “When you mix a big-name like the Vampire Warrior with Evan Stone, you know people are going to be curious and show up for the match.”

In addition, adult director/rocker Matt "The Lord" Zane will join the tour overseas, to perform with his band, Society 1.

Video distributors IVD released the first installment of “Not Rated Professional Wrestling” on DVD July 17.

For more information about the NRPW, visit the website .