LFP Extends Nautica Thorn Productions’ Distribution Deal

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Nautica Thorn Productions has inked a one-year contract extension to its distribution deal with LFP Video Group. The deal covers worldwide DVD and cable/satellite distribution.

“I have been extremely satisfied with LFP since the day we signed with them,” said Nautica Thorn Productions CEO Robert Mora. “They share the same visions for Nautica Thorn Productions and are helping to lead us in the direction we want to go.”

The partnership between LFP and Thorn’s production company has been fruitful. During the first year of the contract, Thorn released “All Access,” “Entering Nautica Thorn,” “Straight Fucking” and “Fixation.” The contract extension also calls for four movies.

“Nautica Thorn Productions has produced four exceptional titles this past year for LFP,” said Jeff Thill, director of video operations, Hustler Video Group. “The unique style of their videos has proven to be a crowd pleaser. We are looking forward to continuing a successful working relationship with them.”

For more on Hustler, visit HustlerWorld.com. Thorn’s official website is located at EnterNautica.com.